Wizard’s Fourth Rule

“There is magic in sincere forgiveness; in the forgiveness you give, but more so in the forgiveness you receive.”

Wizard’s Fourth Rule

There is an amazing series known as the Sword of Truth novels. In each book of the fantasy series, there is a philosophy in which each book revolves around. What I always loved about these Wizard rules is that they can be applied in every day life.

There are roughly eleven rules to do date, and I’ve always found the rule above one of the hardest to abide by. To sincerely forgive, is a difficult thing to do. I admit more often than not, it’s something I can’t do. I guess I would make a pretty shitty wizard. Recently, I’ve had a tough conversation about the mistakes I’ve made, and the ones that will potentially lie in my future. It’s hard to be exposed like that. It’s hard to discern how reputable my advisor was in the matter as well. You never know if the advice you’re getting is genuine, or experienced, or even benevolent or malicious. So I asked why I should trust the advice, how did I know that this was something to believe? I was told my father would have the answer at 19. I didn’t get it. Until I came across this verse right now, randomly, on my app.

1 John 1:9

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

I feel exactly that. Unrighteous. I think, and I could be wrong… That I can sincerely be forgiven in the eyes of the ones that matter. When it’s too much to bear, when i ache constantly, when i feel trapped, and I have to go back home, I hope that ill truly be forgiven for having to go back. And be welcomed home.


What I learned from Video Games.

Everything I need to know about life, I’ve learned by playing video games. Here are a few games amongst a huge list that I’ve compiled to demonstrate this epiphany.

Mario Kart: It doesn’t matter how badass you are, at whatever you’re doing. Just when you think you’re in first place, a blue turtle shell will come hurtling out of nowhere to unfairly strip you of what you deserved. Sometimes, literally.

Super Smash Bros.: The higher percents you score in life, the easier it is for you to get knocked down. Or, you’re doing completely fine making your way back after being knocked away by life, just to get spiked.

Legend of Zelda: Always, always get new things. Once you do, realize it’s not good enough, and get something better.

Final Fantasy: Nothing really I guess. I just think the clothes and weapons are cool, and should be implemented in real life.

League Of Legends: When working in team environments, it’s best most fun to troll and do whatever the hell you want. You can always start a new game/job/life anyway.

Super Mario Bros.: It doesn’t matter if my job sucks and I become a lowly plumber. As long as I try hard enough, I can find my princess. That, and stomping on things solves all problems.

Tempting Fate

I wonder how much impact fate has on our lives. When I was younger, I used to think about it too. Sometimes, when I would think about it, I would stop whatever I was doing, be as spontaneous as possible by acting like a madman, and feel proud of myself that I eluded fate. Until I wondered if that’s what fate wanted me to do in the first place.

I think that pondering that at a young age really led me to live the way I have thus far. I’m spontaneous, maybe a little too sponataneous, when I feel the fear of monotony creeping in on me. It hits me hardest when things aren’t getting any better without any signal that things are going to get better eventually. For example, I was working at Panasonic for three years, I made good money, had my own house at roughly 22, but I had been working I was hired as a temp and had been working there for so long and there was no sign that it was going to get any better. I was working so often, too, that I would pull 12 hour shifts easily, and still have to be stuck in traffic for two hours son average. I didn’t do anything, So, I made up my mind one day to leave it all. I could’ve handled it better, but I really don’t regret my decision, even now, as I’m saving every nickel just to get by. Not pennies. I don’t consider them real currencies, I know, I really have no grounds right now to be thinking that, but I do, and that’s a whole different rant for another time.

Anyway, I have a theory. I do believe in fate, and I do believe in free will. I feel that fate will present you with the opportunities that your faced with, and it’s up to you to make the choices from then on. Like being dropped off at a crossroads. What I wonder now, is if that isn’t the case, and fate does want a specific course of action to take place, will it direct you back to that path once you make the wrong choice? Is life more like a video game, and we are alotted tokens to continue? Does choosing the wrong path, but doing something right along the way, award you with that credit? It’s wishful thinking, but I like to think so. I do think I’ve made the wrong choices, many times, but down these wrong paths I am still presented with the choices to do right. In my mind’s crossroads, I see the wrong paths as veering left, and the right path on the aptly named other side. If I make enough right choices, I feel that eventually, I can make it to the path that I want to.


The Secret of Life, as told by Captain Hook.

There’s a completely random quote that has followed me for years. I have no idea why of all the clever, interesting quotes that are floating around there, this is the one that has stuck with me. It doesn’t come from any reputable scholar or genius mind. It comes from Captain James Hook. (I think his first name is James… it might be James T. Kirk I’m thinking of…)

I’m an avid watcher of amazing movies, and most of which come from the 80’s. I mean, c’mon; E.T, Back to The Future, Star Wars, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Wargames, Goonies, Labrynth, The Dark Crystal, The Karate Kid, and Hook. (Ok, technically Hook is early early 90’s, but it’s too amazing to not be put in the same category.) Those are all just off of the top of my head. In any case, at the end of Hook, Looking-weird-in-tights Robin WIlliams Peter Pan defeats Hook, He initially spares him, and it’s then that Capt. Hook says it:

“What would the world be like without Captain Hook?”

And it stuck. What would the world be like without Captain Hook? Or, more precisely, Neverland? The way I see it, with Pan’s naturally affinity for mischief and no one to exercise onto, he would take it out on the rest of Neverland. Probably the Indians, and Pixies. It would be chaos, and he would be the villain. Hook provides a service, without him the world would fall into cataclysmic mayhem. Or just be really boring…nah, cataclysmic mayhem, Pan’s a hell of a kid.

This world needs Captain Hooks. It needs that balance. All we need to do is understand we are one or the other; Pan or Hook. For a long time, I’ve been thinking I was the later, thinking I couldn’t escape the fact that no matter what I do, I tend to end up creating the worst situations. I ruin, destroy, mess up so much. But I realized, so does Peter. Peter is by no means a gallant person. He’s wrought with moral shortcomings, mainly because he’s really a kid at heart. I see that I mirror more of Peter’s traits than I do Hook’s. No one’s perfect, but if I can see that, and learn from, and still use it to thwart the schemes of those that are the Captain Hooks of this world, maybe all those mistakes are worth it. Maybe, I can still have some adventures before the greatest one.

There you have it, a philosophy to live by. Eat that, Immanuel Kant.

The Best Day Ever.

I’ve lived an eventful life. I remember a lot as a kid, possibly because that’s where I stayed even as an adult. If you asked young, mischievous Caleb to describe his favorite day, he would’ve answered the time he got two candies from that one vending machine for the price of one. Young Caleb wasn’t very hard to please. Asking loser, anime-watching-card-game-playing teenager Caleb the same question, and it the answer would have been pulling that all nighter full of video games, pizza, and finally beating Ruby Weapon. Fast forward to Young Adult, no-care-in the-world, broke partying Caleb, and it would be the string of crazy parties that we’re spent mostly blacked out after x amount of alcohol. 

Today, I did nothing except hang out with my dad. I never really get to spend too much time with him since being the great dad he is, He’s spent most of my life commuting to his job so we could have whatever we want. Most of the time, I just wanted him to be there, but I understood. So many people have it worse with their fathers. We did manual labor all day. We went to the dump. We came back and sat and watched Golf. Golf, of all things. If I had to do these things on my own at any time, I would have considered it a waste of the day and proceeded to wipe it from my memory to fill with some useless bit of information.

If you asked me now to describe the best day I’ve ever had, it would be today, the day that I spent with my dad doing absolutely nothing, with the best guy I know. 


Love ya dad.