What a stupid world.

I have read the entire works of genius Bill Watterson’s Calvin & Hobbes. I haven’t read it in a while, so I looked for a random strip online. I found this one. I remembered it instantly as one of my favorites, and you can’t help but feel good after reading it. Enjoy.





Well, I ended up watching the episode I couldn’t yesterday, thinking it couldn’t get any worse. I figured the whole failed engagement thing thing was probably the only coincidence  within the episode. Boy was I wrong. It went on (Spoiler alert yet again…) to Victoria leaving  her husband on her wedding day, and Barney engaged to Quinn, and Robin a bit jealous. We find out that Barney never tells Quinn he used to date Robin, and has photoshopped all evidence of him and Robin ever having a relationship together. Robin’s hurt that he could move on so quickly. Back at Ted’s story, the groom ends up getting cold feet too and runs away from the wedding, and when Ted comfronts him he tells him that she was a great person, but she just wasn’t the one, and he knew it. Meanwhile, Barney gives Robin keys to and tells her a specific number, and we find out its to a storage unit, that has all of the stuff of him and Robin…

This got difficult when the groom was explaining that Victoria wasn’t the one for him, that you know with all your heart when you find them. It hurt, because I know with all my heart, I have already found mine…and I messed it up. Multiple times…One of which actually correlates to this episode. I, too, tried to drive her away and told her that I threw everything away, so she would move on…because I knew that she wanted to. That in her heart I was the one that wasn’t right for her. Even though I’ve said this, and she believes me, there’s a box, a treasure box, that contains every picture, letter, gift, sock, movie ticket stub…every material thing I’ve kept from our relationship. That box scares me, because I can’t bear to look at it or open it, but It doesn’t matter…I remember everything that’s in there anyway. Unlike Robin, she’ll never know I have this box of us stored away…I’ll admit, I cried. I cried like a 7 year old girl. Ok, that’s a gross exaggeration, I just sort of cried a bit, but it did hurt…So much for all that control I thought I had, eh? Anyway…I don’t really know what else to write. At least, in the very least….I had it in my life. I may not have it anymore, but I am thankful that I did.

The price of happiness: 20$

There are those that say money can’t buy happiness. Every broke middle class person I talk to agrees with me on this statement; This had to be said by some wealthy jerk. (Actually, I’m almost certain it was said by someone living in poverty, but it goes against the point I am trying to get across, no less make the joke I just made have a smaller impact, so we’ll just go along with agreeing with it having a wealthy background.) Today, I found that money can buy you happiness, but not in the sense that I previously thought (i.e.  awesome materialistic gadgets.) I just wanted to rest today, get tons of school work done, when my mom wanted to go out. I didn’t really want to, but I didn’t want her to be out alone either, and for awhile I’ve been trying to strengthen my relationship with her, so I opted to go. We eventually went to get food and went to subway, and we stood in line behind two young guys, one looked about 15, the other about 7. They were going to pay with a coupon for their meal that distinctly said accepted anywhere in the high desert! (It was one of those school coupon books I used to get.) But they wouldn’t accept it. The guy asked why, and the sandwich specialist or whatever the hell they’re called, just told him they didnt.And these two dont even throw a fit or anything, they just go out to there mom who’s waiting in her car in this hellish heat, get 20 dollars, and are made to go to the back of the line….after they did nothing wrong. And they STILL just comply. It was beyond wrong. So, when they finally got to the front of the line to pay for their food, I went up and paid for it. This little kid, who’s the damn cutest kid this side of the Mississippi, eyes just light up.They older boy thanked me like 10 times. Genuine gratitude from genuinely good people. And the icing on the cake, the mom had me go out to her car, hugged me, and thanked me. (I initially thought I was in trouble. Whenever I hear the words, “My mom wants to talk to you…” That’s usually how those scenarios turn out. whew…) It was the best feeling I’ve had in a long time. I thought of that movie Pay It Forward, and while I am sitting here tooting my own horn, patting myself on the back, I do want to do something like this weekly. It’s not much, not a lot, but to feel good for the price of 20$, you really can’t beat that. We all have such good lives and can offer so much and we never think to cause our society shows us it’s better to keep your head down than help out, but you know what? Screw society.

Also, Screw you Sandwich Maker Guy.